Addressing more than your shipping needs

Achieving operational efficiency and a competitive edge in today’s uncertain and volatile markets requires a partner who can truly understand your challenges and provides the right solutions that reach beyond shipping.

ASA Global Tradings ApS Ocean Transportation brings true value to your business by leveraging more than 50 years of experience in serving the operations of our own organization in uncertain world markets.

Value-added Services

Our goal is to be our customers’ partner of choice

Through our dedicated account teams and their feedback from over 600 individual customer visits per year, we have created a number of new services that can add value to your business.

Risk management solutions

Structured pricing solutions: Our offering includes fixed- or floating-pricing structures for medium- or long-term contracts. Such structures protect our customers against market volatility while providing flexibility in managing your shipping schedules.

Bunker hedging:Through our petroleum trading activities we are able to provide our customers with short- or long-term solutions to manage bunker price volatility. These can be fixed through physical contracts or managed more dynamically via derivatives giving more stable and predictable freight rates.

Physical fleet swap: Running your own fleet in today’s challenging environment may not be the most economical or efficient solution for your business. It also opens your business to a higher risk profile if something should happen while loading or discharging cargoes. With our global fleet and flows, ASA Global Tradings ApS can offer a solution where you retain the benefits and flexibility of a time charter fleet without the operational risks, hassle and cost.

Freight advisory and position management: Through our access and insights to major commodity and financial markets, we can offer select customers market advice for a competitive edge in your industry.

Financing solutions

Deferred Freight Payment terms: Through ASA Global Tradings ApS’s financial strength, we can offer our customers preferential payment terms anywhere from 60 to 180 days.

Financing your commodity supply chain: From origin to destination and including storage, your commodity and freight supply chain can be financed by ASA Global Tradings ApS’s finance arm; easing the pressure on your cash flow.

Logistics solutions

By connecting with ASA Global Tradings ApS’s extensive logistics and warehousing infrastructure, your chartering and operations costs can be further reduced through:

  • Short- and long-term transshipment solutions and consultancy advice
  • Connecting ocean freight to our U.S. and European barging operations
  • Connecting ocean freight to ASA Global Tradings ApS’s warehousing facilities allowing access to new markets in more competitive shipment sizes
  • Outsourcing of freight operations activities to our global operations team

Contact our dedicated team of experts to learn more about how we can help your business safely navigate through today and tomorrow’s challenges while creating a competitive edge.

Global Ocean Freight Operations

Our team is based in 5 global locations and delivers first-class vessel operations to over 400 customers executing more than 3,000 voyages every year.

As part of our services we provide:

  • Personalized daily updates on our chartered vessels
  • Specialized expertise and voyage instructions about specific cargo operations, requirements and safety issues
  • Flexibility in execution by accommodating last-minute changes of destination, port rotation and discharge quantities
  • Ability to outsource some of your operations or fleet management activities to better manage costs while increasing your global coverage

We have experience in handling 100 different types of dry bulk cargoes and call 700 unique ports per year. Our customers receive documentation in a timely manner upon completion of cargo operations.

Our Fleet – Dry Bulk Carriers.

Optimizing Your Supply Chain

Our global fleet translates into the possibility of optimizing your supply chain and stocks by scaling up or down in shipment size. Our vessels make more than 6,000 port calls per year and move over 200 million tons of 100 different dry bulk commodities.

Top-quality vessels

Our fleet is vetted through RightShip’s Ship Vetting Information System (SVIS™) which evaluates over 50 risk factors in each vessel and provides a risk rating at a particular date and time. These risk factors include the ship’s structural integrity, competence of owners, managers and crew, past casualties and incidents. They determine the overall star rating from one star (highest risk) to five stars (lowest risk).