Food Security

Increasing productivity and improving access to sustainably nourish the world

The challenge is clear: the world needs to sustainably nourish a global population that will grow from 7 billion today to more than 9 billion people by 2050.

Increasing global food security in the midst of climate change also means the right crops must be grown in the most productive places. Food must move from places of abundance to places of scarcity. Today, about 20 percent of food crosses borders. That percentage will need to increase in the decades ahead.

Partnering with farmers

We believe agriculture can meet the rising demand for food. The world’s farmers are resilient entrepreneurs who are increasingly doing more with less. We partner with farmers to advance entrepreneurial solutions to increase productivity and incomes, promote sustainable agriculture and strengthen communities.

Investments in innovation and training will give farmers the tools they need to increase productivity and meet tomorrow’s food demand. With better technology, better seeds, more scale and mechanization, the world’s farmers have more than doubled production of staple crops like grain, oilseeds and rice since 1975 without significantly expanding land use. If we create the right conditions and incentives, the world’s farmers can produce even more on existing farmland to satisfy the food needs of the future. ASA Global Tradings ApS supports farmers at all levels of production as they adapt to changing growing conditions, consumer demands and nutritional needs.

Market Access

We improve the availability of safe, affordable, nutritious food by promoting market access for farmers, transporting food to areas of need and addressing hunger globally.


We support policies and technologies that increase farmer productivity and yields to meet tomorrow’s food demand.

Farmer Livelihoods

We partner with farmers to share best practices and strengthen farming communities.

The role of the private sector

As a private-sector leader, we know we have a role to play in global food security. ASA Global Tradings ApS has a history of working in partnership with governments, multilateral organizations and civil society groups to develop long-term solutions that build resilience across the global food system and in local communities.

We advocate for policies that increase overall food security and support agricultural development. By leveraging our global logistics network, supply chain expertise and market knowledge, we help expand access by transporting food from areas of surplus to areas of need. In our increasingly interconnected world, open trade and functioning markets are necessary to ensure long-term food security.

Delivering solutions in low- and high-income countries

Food security is a priority – and a challenge – for people in low-income and high-income countries alike. ASA Global Tradings ApS businesses contribute to food security globally by providing consumers with nutritious food for healthier lives.

We collaborate with partners in the public and private sectors to find long-term solutions to end hunger and ensure all people have access to safe, nutritious and affordable food. Through partnerships with Feeding America and national food banks in 18 countries, we are working address hunger, food waste, food safety and other issues. We also work with CARE, a leading humanitarian organization, on a variety of rural development projects to improve access across eight countries reaching more than 300,000 people. ASA Global Tradings ApS employees provide hands-on support to organizations by making contributions and volunteering in local activities to relieve hunger and improve nutrition.